The joy of running – Diary of a race

This year I´ve let other things to keep me away from the one activity that brings balance in my life: running. I have been involved in a lot of other stuff this year, but I have made a promise to myself: not to let anything come in between me and running. And so, I could not miss the one competition that I was expecting for 1 year: The CiucasX3 half marathon. After a 3 months break, and a total of almost 100 km ran til July during the year, I was not sure that I can come back fast enough to be able to finish the race. I managed to run just 150 km till the race, which made a Read more

Fasting – keep calm and fast – 6 months x 36 hrs fasting


I was considering for a long time fasting. I thought that if all the main religions in the world have this concept, in one way or the other, there must be something to it. Meanwhile, new discoveries are backing up this lifestyle: “Autophagy is the process of utilizing and recycling unnecessary or dysfunctional cellular components—the so-called cellular rubbish which accumulates in cells. The term “autophagy” originates from two Greek words which summarily mean “self-eating.” Autophagy is intrinsic to living organisms, including those of human beings. Thanks to autophagy cells get rid of excess parts, while an organism gets rid of unnecessary cells. Autophagy becomes especially intensive when an organism is under stress, for example, when it fasts. In this case Read more

Why do I even bother?

I have received this question sometimes till now. Combined with famous questions “Can’t you see running is bad for you?”. I guess the people that are asking me these questions are not going to read my blog, but who knows. Running is bad for me The truth is that my injury, which is not good an injury, comes previously to me starting running. My hip problem comes from a strong traumatism, which I can’t seem to remember, combined with the lack of sports for a period of time, and … gaining some excess weight. I have been quite active, and I have almost always done some sports. I stopped in 2007, and till 2010 I had a period without too much movement. Read more


Initially, I wrote a big text about how good I did this year. And then I drank some wine and came up with this: This was a difficult year for me. I moved, I divorced …bla blah. What have I gained from this year? And this is more than how much I ran, how much I improved and how many races I ran. That is insignificant. What I gained this year is much more important for me. I managed to meet some people similar to me. They like running, mountains and running on the mountains. This is good. These people, invited me to belong to an amateur athletes team. And so I joined Ciucas X3 team. I found a doctor Read more

Happy birthday to me!

35. 2 years ago I was writing this: 33. Last year I haven’t posted anything on my birthday as last year was a rather difficult period around this time of the year. 1 day before my birthday I lost one of my best friends and my birthday was not so funny. This year I had nothing on mind, but running. Unfortunately running is not happening for me at this moment.  However in terms of running I can say that it was a successful year. Let me explain that for you. I managed to run much more than last year. That alone is an improvement I discovered what was the main issue bothering my running and I fixed it I am Read more

Injury diary, day 34.539

I reckon this is no longer an injury but more a lifestyle. Somehow I don’t feel injured, more like broken. My last run was more than 1 month ago, with doctor’s approval, and it was a slow paced trail half marathon. I spend 2 weeks limping. I am good now but the knee still bothers me from time to time. The last 2 weeks I have been in Portugal, half work half vacation. And I took also a vacation from running. That meaning that for a while I did not thought about it, I can’t do it by default. So I will be heading back to the doctor’s cabinet soon, to try to figure out what in the world is Read more

Dealing with a long term injury

My running has been like a roller coaster in the last period. Started running again in may, went good-ish all the way to mid September when I went to deal with my hip. Hip hip – hurray! I can say that, considering that first time I had to stop running was 27th of December 2014, I have a long term injury. During the last period I improved my 10k time, twice, from 50 to 46. Consequently improving 5k, 3k, 1k, and half marathon distance. Stopped for a while after Baneasa Trail Run, to take on therapy for realigning my hip. When aloud to run again did 55 km in 3 days. And had a relapse at my knee. Pain, discomfort. Read more

Rafael, the mountain marathon 2016

a marathon runner

Race report. Finally, I get to write one, after a long time. I subscribed to Rafael without having too many expectations. Especially after my injury relapse. So I went to Codlea, where the race was taking place with the final objective of finishing the race and having fun. I kind of felt like home, as Codlea is 27 km away from my birth place, Zarnesti. I arrived at Codlea on Friday evening, had dinner and started to be anxious about the race. I had some pain in my knee. The decision to start the race was taken with 10 seconds before the start. Until that moment I was in doubts. In the first 500 m, I wanted to quit 3 Read more

Chronic stupidity

In the last period I have been asked several times by several people how to start running, or how to get better at it. Mostly my colleagues. And my answer is always the same: start small, set objectives, be consistent AND … the most important do not push, do not expect results over night, do not over train, do not run every day at the beginning, especially if you first have some kilograms to loose etc etc etc. You risk an injury. And after I say all this I tell them how I got injured in the first place.  My injury is more complex, but still, overdoing it has something to do with it. So technically I know it. I Read more

Trial and error, 10.10

Today’s training was difficult. I came after a weekend spent at my parents house where I just ate and slept. So today in the morning I was a bit …hmmm. Not interested in going out. But I did. I planned to change my training from last week. Last week I did jog+strength+jog Monday and intervals on Tuesday, at the end of the 36 hrs of fasting. This week I moved the intervals on Monday, and I will leave for tomorrow the strength. My plan is during Monday’s to alternate different types of intervals. 10x1km, 3x4km, 3x6x400m and so on. And in time will be able to appreciate the progress. Or lack of it. Today for example I felt slow and Read more